Case Analysis : The Property Services

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Introduction Strident Property services is a small property management services company that was founded by Bernie Jacobs in the early 1990’s. The company was very successful and has grown to employee over 60 people. The employees loved Bernie and he genuinely cared for his employees. He was known as a people person who took deliberate actions to show he cared for his employee’s well-being. Bernie turned the company over to his son Alex upon graduating with a degree in Business Administration. Alex is now in charge with his dad serving in an advisory role. Bernie and Alex’s leadership and management styles are very different from each other. Bernie was thoughtful, generous and trustworthy; all qualities of a great leader (Salt Lake City Tribune, 2012). Alex is strict, stern, and not very accommodating of his employees.
The company is now having problems. They have lost significant market share and are continuing to lose clients. The staff at Strident are equally troubled. There is friction among every department to include Alex being unhappy with most of the employees. Alex is frustrated and his employees are not very happy either.
The Problem Alex took a very successful business from his father which was well respected in the community, its employees were very happy and productive, to a company that has lost half of its client base from 200 to 100 (Mento, Buckheit, & Mento, 2012). The employees are not happy and they are not working well together. Morale is poor and…
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