Case Analysis : The Service Services Provided By American Well And The Potential Of A New Product

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This case analysis provides an overview of the services provided by American Well and the potential of expanding these services to include a new product by the name of Team Edition. It also analyzes the potential to add additional customers in the form of retail clinics, pharmacies and hospitals. The current market within healthcare is analyzed and potential competitors are mentioned. The services provided by American Well to its key stakeholders are outlined with benefits and potential barriers. American Well has chosen to concentrate primarily on the business-to-business model by focusing their attention on insurers. Team Edition is an additional product offered by American Well which would connect primary care providers with…show more content…
AW provides a digital platform that connects patients with clinical providers at any time in any place. As the company looks to make a national rollout of its services to health insurance companies and individuals, it is already considering other services to provide within its platform (“Team Edition”) in addition to offering their services to other customers such as retail clinics, pharmacies and hospitals. The Schoenberg brothers must decide whether they should divert funds and time consuming effort in order to market to these other potential customers and bring out new products, or concentrating on what is currently available within AW when pitching to insurance companies. As the expenditures in US healthcare continue to increase and costs rising to an estimated 20% of the GDP in the not too distant future, different strategies have to be considered within the marketplace. In addition, with a growing aging population, these costs will not decline unless some active measures are taken. By providing the services offered by AW, it is estimated that savings can be $3.36 per patient per month. This is based on the presumption that patients will be able to contact an AW provider before perhaps visiting an ER which can carry astronomical costs. Other cost saving scenarios include being able to have access to services conveniently in a timely manner instead of putting off medical care which can lead to more
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