Case Analysis : The Valujet 592 Systems Accident

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Case Analysis of the ValuJet 592 Systems Accident
ValuJet 592 was a tragic accident that occurred in May 1996 when the plane crashed in a fiery inferno in the Florida Everglades, only minutes after taking off from Miami. The investigation report published by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) ruled the cause of the fire as two oxygen generators igniting in the forward hold of the plane, but identified many emergent behaviors that changed the business environment and contributed to the final outcome. This discovery unearthed errors made among the system units-ValuJet, Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), and SabreTech- that lead to this system failure (Langewiesche, 1998). Following will be an analysis of the various system units and how their strategic business decisions contributed, and ultimately led, to this horrific accident. The airline industry as a whole was very complex and competitive, and continues to be to this day. During the late 90s, one of the competitive strategies was to fly customers through the air cheaper and faster than the competition. Of course, the various airlines wanted to complete this task safely, but it seemed that the commitment to safety was placed on the back burner. As a whole, the whole airline industry was deregulated, but within the ValuJet company, it seemed to be even worse. All their employees were low-paid and much of the work was contacted out to independent contractors and temporary employees. ValuJet redefined what

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