Case Analysis: The Williamsburg Case

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I think this case does an above average job in giving the back round of the campaign and how it started with public needs, and also how their campaigns have gone in the past. The major reason for producing this campaign was because the public of Williamsburg, Virginia felt that they needed another hospital, and they had to convince the state. Their original campaign was proactive but because this is the third one, it is a reactive campaign based on the results of the first two, which failed in efforts of granting state funds for a hospital. The target audiences for this case were very specific, past supporters of Doctors Hospital, residents of Doctors Hospital’s service age 50+, physicians, and community leaders. I think this is a very reasonable…show more content…
The impact objectives are the case were to fill the Public Hearing room with Doctors Hospital supporters, secure the support of Williamsburg physicians, and to Secure endorsements of city leaders, and these objectives were attitudinal because they were meant to change attitudes and create thoughts. The output objective of this case was to get 2,000 letters of support mailed to the Virginia Health Commissioner. I thought the objectives were perfectly quantitative and they used specific time frames, which was ideal. The ultimate goal of getting 2,000 letters was actually a mix between impact and output, because you first have to convince the people to write a letter and then you need a quantitative figure, so I thought they did a nice job with that. Overall I really liked the objectives and thought they were strong and…show more content…
The Choice You Deserve.” I thought this was a nice theme, it is really catchy and it gets the point across, my only worry is that it is too wordy. The major message is that the town of Williamsburg deserves another hospital because it will give more care, better competition for prices, more choice, and easier to locate. These messages are clear and very useful, but I think they could be promoted better. Some special events that took place were personal contact with key reporters, individual meetings with city council members, supervisors and other key leaders, and appearances before civic and business clubs. They also set up communications programs using media coverage and advertising, they set up twenty plus “Write a Letter Rally’s”, and a spate mail campaign. These events are and were truly newsworthy because not only would the public want to hear about movements like this, it is a popular story to tell especially because it affects a whole community. There were no pseudo-events done because they original events were successful. This program was mostly done through controlled media outlets like an extensive ad campaign, and set up interviews and controlled opinion leader speeches. There were also most likely a lot of uncontrolled media once they got a hold of stories and started to release information and set up interviews with the people behind the movement. The only media outlet I
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