Case Analysis : Tjx Corporation

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Q1) Prepare an introduction for the case analysis report. TJX operated in the off-price market segment and was one of the largest garments and home fashion retailer in the United States. It operated eight independent businesses which were throughout United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Europe. TJX operated in the Niche market of retailers which occupied the market ignored by departmental and speciality stores. TJX would get its merchandise directly from the manufacturer at wholesale rate throughout the year and also bought merchandise from departmental and speciality stores at a cheaper price who were overstocked. TJX information system was intruded during the late 2006 after which the company hired a CIO. The security breach caused the…show more content…
Shareholders of TJX: hold great importance to the return on their investment. The recent events that took place at TJX, will call for attention shake the interest of the shareholders in investing. This can also deter potential shareholders at TJX. Financial Institutions: Vendors/Buyers/Merchandiser: Their information is also in the IT systems of TJX and this can harm their sales in the future Q3) Does IT play a major role in TJX and the retail industry in general? Explain. Technology plays a major role in the way retail companies do business. For an off-price store like TJX, internal information system is crucial in order to maintain margins in the retail industry and stay competitive. Knowledge of the market and having control of data and information on market trends is necessary to gain a competitive advantage over competitors. Retailers need to advance into more complex IT to increase the ability of the company to respond rapidly and flexibly to cater the evolution of the market. TJX has used IT systems to connect with people, various locations and access to information that adds value to their business process. Their Vendors, buyers, merchandisers, store associates, customers and financial institution are all connected to their IT system which allows for efficiency and increased productivity. It is also important for retailers such as TJX to have in-store technologies such as
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