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CASE ANALYSIS REPORT 12 Case Analysis Report: UNIQLO Co., Ltd Eriko Nagata Boston University Introduction Gaining a successful experience in going international has been one of the most important barometers for companies? future. The important feature of companies is how to scale their business, and expanding their business worldwide is necessary to survive in highly competitive world. However, there are also risks to commit business globally. In this report, I will discuss the Japanese global SPA company, UNIQLO Co., Ltd.?s, international business strategy. One of their major problems in international business is offshore outsourcing. As more and more corporations try to commit to offshore outsource in order to minimize costs for most of the reasons, there are more stories about failure in their business. It is very important to figure out what is its root cause to fail, because the offshore failure could lead to the fatal problem to expand their business internationally. As a result of the analysis of the UNIQLO?s case, it was found out that the highly competitive low-price garment industry is one of causes of the problem. However, the local operations management is an equally important key factor for international business expansion. Company Overview UNIQLO Co., Ltd is a Japanese global casual retail company. The company widely known as ?Specialty Share Retailers of Private Label Apparel

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