Case Analysis : ' V. Cassidy '

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R. V. Cassidy, [1989] 2 S.C.R 345

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The parties involved; Mrs. Bieber (appellant’s mother), Mr. Gary Lee Cassidy (the appellant), and the two officers.
The appellant, Gary Cassidy, was living with his mother, Alice Bieber, in Windsor Ontario. The appellant’s mother went to bed while the appellant went out. The morning after Mrs. Bieber noticed her car was missing from the driveway. She assumed that her son had taken it out the night before. Alice, asked her son if he knew anything about her car being missing, the appellant denied knowing about the car and mentioned that Mrs. Bieber should report it to the police, which she did. Shortly after two police officers arrived at the appellant’s residence informing Mrs. Bieber that her car had been recovered in damaged condition the night before. She stated that her son may know something about her car. The officers started questioning the appellant. During questioning the appellant became upset and aggressive towards the two officers. The appellant started verbally abusing the officers, accusing them of trespassing and told them to get off of the property or he would make them. Mrs. Bieber tried to intervene but the appellant ignored her. Shortly after the appellant threatened the officers, he ran into the living room and grabbed one 12-guage shotgun off…

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