Case Analysis : V Maracle

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Brian Dharamdial Ms. Stalteri CLU3M0 – B January 4th, 2015 R. v Maracle 2006 CanLII 4152 ON C.A (alibi as a defence) In the case between R. v Maracle, it was about a 14 year old Brantford female was kidnapped at gunpoint by David Maracle on May 26, 1997 and brutally and repeatedly raped. This event had accused on 1997, and then was farther investigated and made its way to court. On November 8, 2000, the trial judge found the appellant to be a dangerous offender and ordered him detained for an indeterminate period. The appellant appeals conviction and sentence. The case was later appealed in 2006. This case took place in superior court of justice. This case took place because the appellant’s conviction and sentence. In this case it shows the dangers so sex offenders and how hard they try to get away with crime that they have committed, even though they left all the proof / evidence behind at the location which was all leading up to them, being the one to frame. ( A young female at the age of 14, was kidnapped by David Maracle on May 26, 1997, Maracle pulled the female from the behind as she through a wooded. At that moment of time the female didn’t have any visuals, this was because a cloth was place over her eye and then was later replaced for duct tape. She was then directed to the assailant’s car where the first sexual attack accrued. A little while after the female was driven to an unidentified location where another sexual attack occurred.

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