Case Analysis : V. Valeo

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37. Buckley v. Valeo: Buckley v. Valeo was a court case where the judges held limits on how much could be spend on elections. This was unconstitutional to what the count case came out to be

38. Hard vs. Soft political contributions: Pg. 127-129 A hard contribution is when you give $5,000 to anyone candidate. Whereas soft contributions are when you are able to give as much money as you want.

39. Counter majoritarian electoral outcomes: Counter majoritarian is a problem with the judicial review of legislative laws. Some see a problem with the judicial branch 's ability to overturn laws that reflect the will of the majority.

40. Who decides the borders of federal legislative districts? *Each state determines their bonders by the population. They may require legislative approval on where the border may be.

41. What happened to the 1965 voting rights act after the Shelby vs. Holder decision? *The supreme court ruled that the voting rights act of 1965 was unconstitutional. Voting discrimination still happens in the united states.

42. Does voter fraud happen often? Pg. 126 Voter fraud happens but it is rare. If it happens, like Trump in this year’s election said it did, they would show it on social media.

43. Unilateralism vs. Multilateralism: Pg. 375 All the presidents since Harry Truman proclaimed the value of participating in multilateralism, which is a intergovernmental organization to develop and implement common economic, political, and military policies. George Bush…

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