Case Analysis : Vergara V. California

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Annie Trevisan Fact-Check Paper October 10, 2014 Vergara v. California Case 1. Introduction In June of 2014, the Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu filed his final ruling on the educational debate of the teacher tenure laws of California, ruling out five California Educational Code laws. However one day after said ruling, Attorney General Kamala Harris filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of California. The Superior Court favored Vergara’s side claiming the Teacher’s tenure of California unconstitutional because it violates children’s civil rights to an education. “Student’s Matter,” a non-profit organization founded by David Welch, organized nine students to file this case. Their plea was that every student around the world deserves a good education taught by good teachers and the tenure principles in this state makes firing bad teachers almost impossible, giving students in poorer districts an unfair education in comparison to other wealthier, privileged districts. The defendants officially include the State of California, Teacher’s Union supporters Jerry Brown and Tom Torlakson who are the State governor and State Superintendent of Schools respectively, the California’s Teachers Association, the California Federation of Teachers and the Teacher’s Union of California. This ruling and it’s immediate appeal was and remains a strong source of tension between the Teachers Union and it’s supporters as well as the “Student’s Matter” organization and thousands of impoverished

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