Case Analysis : Verne Jacobs

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Verne Jacobs’, myself in the case of this essay, acquisition of additional office property for his company, Superior Corporation, while necessary for the company’s growing employee base brings about a few issues. The location of the temporary office as well as the other tenants within the building give rise to security issues that have to be taken care of before the moving in of Superior and actively during their stay at the location. The main issue presented is that Superior’s Research and Development department is the one that is located within the building. The presence of competitive tenants and the crime within the area are both worrying as the loss, or theft of information may become present during the company’s tenure at the…show more content…
One of, if not the biggest, issue with the property is the section of the company that is going to be moved to the property, Research and Development (R&D). A highly important field for most companies that allows them to stay ahead of the technological curve and allow them to develop new technologies and techniques to help keep them ahead of the competition. Being in close proximity with competitive companies who would more than likely enjoy access to this sensitive issue would be a problem, the technology may be stolen by competitors or even overheard in the cafeteria common grounds. It is also possible that since direct contact between companies will happen that a Superior Company employee may begin relations with the employee of a separate company and share private company information. There a few possible methods to combat loss of privacy and information in this manner, make employees of the Superior company sign nondisclosure and confidentiality forms, as well as have a having an anonymous hotline to inform on co-workers who do not comply; Superior employed security guards that monitor staff in the common areas would also help to dissuade information sharing. A secure method of information and documentation security should also be present, such as a tamper proof vault bolted to the ground that contains the vital information that is located within a well secured and monitored room that only a few people, who must sign in and out
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