Case Analysis : Veronica 's Life

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Case Conceptualization The ongoing theme that keeps reoccurring in Veronica’s life is the fact that her son Jeffrey is gay and she is refusing to accept it. Veronica is worried about what the public will think about her son and what they will think of her in regards to her parenting skills. Veronica thinks that intimidating, threatening, and blackmailing her own son will keep him in line and doing what she wants him to do. Veronica went so far as to blackmail a young lady into seducing her son to “fix” him and produce a child. Veronica does not care who she threatens, blackmail, or intimidate as long as it comes out in her favor. Another ongoing theme is the fact that Veronica feels like David is cheating on her with one of his staff members by the name of Maggie. Despite David consistently reassuring Veronica that he never cheated on her and that he loves her and only her Veronica chose to ignore him and not believe that he was being sincere and telling the truth. Veronica is the type of woman who hates to feel like she has been played, so she sought out to get revenge and cheat on David. David never stepped outside his marriage with Veronica and always maintained his innocence, in which he was, until he found out by a news tabloid that Veronica had cheated on him. When Veronica finally found out that David did not cheating on her it was already too late. The damage was already done she had already cheated on David.
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