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Case Analysis – Wal-Mart About Wal-Mart: Wal-Mart rules the Fortune 500 for the second year in a row -- and the eighth time this decade -- beating Exxon Mobil decisively in the battle to be crowned America 's largest company[1]. In just a few decades, Wal-Mart 's rapid development has created a miracle in the retail industry. Wal-Mart successfully obtained business, at the same time, put big influence to customers, suppliers or even the whole society. "Every Day Low Price" benefits its numerous customers worldwide and tens of thousands of national suppliers provide products and services to Wal-Mart. For the retail industry and the whole business Wal-Mart has developed into a benchmark. As the nation 's largest private employer…show more content…
But Wal-Mart turned challenges into its own advantages. The stores with scientific planning bring the customer shopping convenience and a better shopping experience. Wal-Mart 's new stores will be opened by a uniform standard for store planning-- the size of its shop, shop decoration, store shelves size, placement of goods, commodities and other signs have placed the company uniform regulations. In addition to a unified, standard store planning, store display of goods for Wal-Mart has its own set of rules and the display starting point is the basis of their merchandise mix. Wal- Mart retail stores in the design of merchandise on display, always will be a unique store design principles. Extremely powerful Wal-Mart 's supply chain is another key factors to offer "Every Day Low Price" - ultimate advantage. The supply chain is ultimately the customer demand-driven supply chain and the high integration, quick data exchange reaction. Its characteristics can be summarized with three points: seamless style transparent supply chain, co-management of collaborative supply chain, and the emerging "green" supply chain. Target customers: The new companies look forward to learning Wal-Mart 's extensive standardization process management to help regulate the development; the developing companies expect to learn Wal- Mart 's advanced management system to enhance the development of their own

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