Case Analysis : Walmart Stores

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Case Study 1: Walmart Stores in Canada Question 1: What were the rights of Walmart, the employer, during these two organizing drives? Walmart has the right to describe about the current benefits and job security they offer to their employees. They can also explain employees about how they are better than other unionised stores. They can also explain about the negative effects of unionising the store like strikes and job hour losses. They can inform them about the union fee employees has to pay if they join the unions. They can inform about the negative motives of people who run these unions. They can also explain them that the employees are treated as “associates” rather than just “employees” so it is duty of them to protect the best interests of the company. Question 2: The certification of the first Walmart was hailed by labour as a milestone event? It is considered as a milestone because Walmart has been trying every trick in the book to avoid unionization of its workforce. The working conditions in most of the Walmart stores where poor and sometimes they force their workers to overtime, sometimes they reduce the normal working hours without consent from the employees, they are also accused of gender discrimination. They were able to do all these activities because of the low bargain power of the employees. The right to certify union in response to unfair labour practices are also incorporated after this incident So unionization of their store is a historic event and it
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