Case Analysis : Walnut Realty Inc.

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“Re/Max Alliance on Walnut is a real estate company that was formed when Walnut Realty Inc. and Re/Max Alliance decided to merge together for the benefit of the two firms and their resources,”(Boulder). Walnut Realty Inc. was a one of a kind real estate company running out of Boulder, Colorado while Re/Max Alliance can be found around the company but also had their own branch in Boulder, Colorado. “Walnut Realty Inc. and Re/Max Alliance joined together in 2012 and have been successfully ruining for 2 years in the same location that Walnut Realty Inc. has been in since 1975,” (Hardy).With this merger Walnut Realty Inc. and Re/Max Alliance has brought together two very strong and knowledgeable teams from both locations to work together. Re/Max Alliance on Walnut specializes in luxury Real Estate from Boulder to Denver, Colorado. Boulder, Colorado has an extensive real estate market and because of this has an abundance of realtors and real estate companies. Although Colorado does not release rankings of these real estate companies on can always here a silent chatter about Re/Max Alliance on Walnut and the work that they do. As many know in 2009 the housing market hit a rapid decline, since then all of Boulders housing market has been on the rise. Many houses are selling for full asking price and cash offers. Boulder is currently facing a shortage of houses on the market for all the clients looking to relocate.
Target Market and Customers
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