Case Analysis : Wealth Management

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D1.4Ps: Product LifePath Wealth Management will sell holistic wealth management solutions to support our philosophy of meeting client’s goals through the proper management of resources. Since wealth management is a services type business, the value cannot be seen or felt until action has been taken. Our first course of action will be to gain the client 's trust, by working to mutually define personal and financial goals and understand the time frame for results. We will offer some products similar to other companies within the financial services industry, but have designed several products to specifically meet our customer’s needs. We consider our products to be in alignment with three distinct categories: legacy clients, high net worth individuals and business owners. The financial industry has little product differentiation and operates in a competitively priced environment. We are differing ourselves by offering a more personal and holistic approach to our clients financial needs, which will allow us to charge a premium price. In addition to providing a high-quality customer service experience for our clients, LifePath Wealth Management will offer the following services: ● Investment advice concerning financial instruments ● The reception and transmission of orders for one or more financial instruments ● The management of portfolios of investors on a discretionary basis, in compliance with the mandate given, when these portfolios include one or more financial instrument
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