Case Analysis : Westlake Lanes Operated At Losses For The Recent 3 Years

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Westlake Lanes operated at losses for the recent 3 years. How can they turn around their operational performance.

The forefront case analysis includes external analysis and internal analysis. It is crucial to understand macro-environment, industry environment, and the capability of the company itself before making decisions. In this case, the PESTEL analysis is utilized for macro-environment analysis, the five-force’s is utilized for industry analysis, and VRINE, financial analysis are utilized for internal analysis.

PESTEL Analysis:
Political: A 60% electricity usage of commercial compact fluorescent lighting subsidization from government for 24 months. As well as, Small Business Association offers assistance to small businesses.
Economical: The U.S. economy recovery from financial crisis which occurred in 2008. To be specific, there are a third of Raleigh’s families who have an annually income between $50,000 and $100,000. Also health insurance cost is increase.
Social: Entertainment activities that people chose to entertain and relax themselves.
In addition, the population of Raleigh grew 46.3% to 404,000 with median age at 31.9 during 2000 to 2010.
Technological: Innovations of bowling machinery and update of ancillary facilities.
Environmental: There are no essential environmental factors in this case.
Legal: Alcohol selling license is required.
To sum up the PESTEL analysis, the macro-environment for Westlake lanes…

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