Case Analysis: Zappos Human Resource Management and Business Strategy

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1. One of the requirements to successfully apply as a Zappos employee is to be happy. The company hires only happy people, after which the company expends significant effort to maintain this sense of happiness. The philosophy behind this is that customers will be happy when being served by happy employees. This is why the company strives to create a company culture that inspires its employees and promotes their sense of well-being. 2. The orientation program runs for four weeks, during which employees also receive their salaries. The training focuses largely on call center skills, which is applied to all new employees, regardless of position. Passing the training is a prerequisite for retaining one's position as a Zappos employee. During the first week of training, new hires are offered a maximum $2,000 for leaving the company. This strategy is used to weed out uncommitted new employees. Generally, there are very few who accept the offer in favor of their jobs at the company. 3. What is unique about the hiring and orientation practices is the emphasis the company places on ensuring the emotional and mental well-being of its employees. Particularly, hiring only "happy" people is a highly unusual practice. In the orientation session, the strong focus on call center skills for all new employees, as well as the cash offer to leave the company are also unique practices. These practices ensure that the unique company culture is cultivated and maintained. In the view of the

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