Case Analysis of Hallington Utility Services Company

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Case Analysis of Hallington Utility Services Company The role of human resource development and management Traditional human resource management is seen as a simple department to recruit people and to deal with salary and insurance issues. Some organizations even let it manage administrative issues. Today, human resource development and management functions more than those. There are several critical functions of it. First, it should serve employees. HRDM needs to establish and maintain harmonious relations between employees. It needs to design mechanism to protect employees’ benefits and maintain their legal rights. Also, it needs to help employees manage their career plan by providing guidance. Second, HRDM needs to be responsible for…show more content…
In 2007, Canada’s industries saved 2.1 billion U.S. dollars of energy costs (2007). All these numbers show Canada’s efforts in general public utilities. Success factors to lead the operation of HUS It is told in the case that HUS is going to begin offering retail products to public as well as delivering regular services (2015). This is a big step for HUS to make a change at least. Actually, there are many more factors that would influence HUS’s operation. For instance, to begin privatization and downsizing are also critical factors to HUS’s operation. These changes are going to decide HUS’s future. The need to relate the role of HRDM to key success factors in the firm. Regarding beginning offering retail products, HRDM’s priority is to motivate employees to work in different areas. HR needs to encourage innovation. At the same time, it needs to help to release some employees’ anxiety. For privatization and downsizing, HR also needs to comfort most old employees. On the one hand, old employees may worry about losing their jobs. On the other hand, some people might want compensation or a raise of salaries for both coming things. HR needs to comfort them while conducting such huge changes. To evaluate HUS’s HRDM Marion visited some people in HUS. After collecting information from these conversations, more hidden information came out. This is also very important for evaluating HUS’s HRDM practices. HUS’s training system Jim thinks that the organization

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