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Introduction This paper presents a case analysis of Richard Ramirez, the serial killer of the 1980s better known as “The Night Stalker”. Using the qualitative method and content analysis, the findings reveal that the law enforcement procedures were minimal because of the technology available during that time and the prosecution was sufficient because of the criminal justice system. Literature Review For instance, Vetter (1990) studied the association of the intensity of the violence within the crime, with the reactions and assessment that humans provide for the motive of the crime. He states that, “ To many, a person who commits a series of heinous, apparently senseless, murders must be ‘out of his mind.’ The exact nature of the…show more content…
Other authors talk more about the aspect of serial killers having a type of disease that makes it impossible for them not to commit these crimes. Cartel (1985) says that in addition to the lack or non-apparent compassion or guilt that the killers contain, they state that they experience a euphoric state during or after these murders. It is like an addiction that they cannot overcome, feeling the need to kill repeatedly to achieve this “high”. Lunde (1980) states that sexual sadism, “ a deviation characterized by torture and/or killing and mutilation of other persons in order to achieve sexual gratification”. Lunde says this in reference to the fact that many serial killers rape their victims before, during, and even after the murder has taken place. He also references that fact that in an extensive number of serial murders, the cause of death was strangulation. This is very relevant because in strangulation deals with total control over the victim. Ramirez’s method of death was sometimes strangulation, though he did choose to shoot many of his victims. Geberth (1995) speaks of the murderer being an “organized offender”. She goes on to talk about how the offender normally has a rather higher intelligence than of a normal person in society. Also, because most of the crimes

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