Case Analysis of Sunflower Incorporated

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Case Analysis of Sunflower Incorporated

Sunflower Incorporated is a large distribution company that purchases and distributes salty snack foods and liquors throughout the United States and Canada. The company employs over 5,000 employees and has gross sales of over $700 million. The head office has encouraged each of its regions to operate separately in order to accommodate different tastes and preferences. When studied, it was determined that the profits across the regions varied widely and the decision was made that the process needed to be standardized in order to increase profits, capture market share and ensure quality remained at an acceptable level so not to tarnish the image of Sunflower. This decision created the need to
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With low quality items becoming an issue, Albanese addressed price only and did not appear to diagnose how to correct quality control. Steelman and Mobley should have provided more feedback and assisted Albanese with the data as well as the implications of change within the organization in order to ensure she was in fact addressing the issues that needed to be corrected.
The third step which is planning and implementing change also seemed to occur too quickly to be effective. Albanese did not take the time to design interventions so that she would be able to achieve the organization’s vision or goal of standardization. The goals were not clearly set so it would have been impossible to determine whether or not they have been reached. In addition, Albanese needed to properly consider the culture and power distributions as well as skills and abilities of the change agents in place to properly put the change in motion during the peak season for the organization. The very nature of each region requiring separate items and contracts to cater to specific markets made the idea of centralizing all decisions difficult even under the best of change implementation. However, the idea to communicate the change through email while a good first step, needed follow up and direct communication planned and discussed with the change agents at each region. Mobley should not have signed off on

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