Case Analysis on Apple Inc

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1.0 Introduction
Apple was founded in 1976. It is a relatively young company; a company with its own unique philosophy as to the way things ought to be. Apple exerts significant creative influence on the technology industry. Today, the company has three major products: Mac computers, iPod music players, and the iPhone. In addition to these offerings, the company also offers operating systems, developer tools, and database software.

Apple’s recent success in the marketplace is founded on a philosophy that derives its insight at the intersection of technology and consumer values. Apple’s unique, defiant, and sophisticated philosophy is all about revolutionizing life’s experiences; convergence of digital consumer electronics and the
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2.4 Technological Forces
Technology forces is widely recognised by various literatures on strategic management (Capron and Glazer, 1987; Johnson and Scholes, 1993; Jan, 2002), as part of the organization and the industry part of the model as it is used for the creation of competitive advantage. Each year, integrated circuits and other electronic components become better, faster, and cheaper, providing opportunities for improving existing computers as well as designing a new kind.

As computer comprises of hardware and software, Apple is affected by technology innovation forces around it. Rapid innovation on hardware by component producers (e.g. Intel, AMD) and software by competitors (e.g. Microsoft) as well as complementary products from partner gives no choice for Apple except responsively catching the new hardware technology and also continuously innovating to sustain differentiation.

3.0 SWOT Analysis
One of the best ways to develop an overview of where Apple is standing and where they could be in the future is using the SWOT method. This method is to analyse the internal and external factors that can affect Apple. Below diagram 3.1 shown the SWOT matrix: Diagram 3.1 SWOT Analysis Chart for Apple Inc

(Source: Self Developed, 2011)

3.1 Strengths
Innovation is Apple’s biggest strength in the PC and consumer electronic industry. Through high
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