Case Analysis on Wal-Mart using the IE Matrix, SWOT Analysis and much more.

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Overview When Sam Walton founded the first Wal-Mart in 1962, the idea of bringing in a discount-shopping store into rural America was almost unheard of, except for the local five and dime stores. When Walton noticed that he had a lot of competition from regional discount chains, him and his wife Helen traveled the country to study other new retailing concepts, and were convinced that it was the wave of the future. With Walton's vision, Wal-Mart grew to be a multi-billion dollar, international company, operating about 4,600 stores around the world. Wal-Mart competes in many industries that include: 5331- Retail-Variety stores, 5411-Grocery stores, 5311-Department stores, 5812-Eating Places, 5399-Miscellaneous General Merchandise store,…show more content…
These products are their main service. Their concern for public image is stated: "We will continue to offer scholarships to deserving high-school graduates." Wal-Mart intends to make the future better. They want to see more high-school graduates go on to college and make something of themselves. By offering scholarships, it helps these graduates to pursue their dreams for a better future. The mission statement mentions technology in that: "Consumers have been conveniently provided not only with the use of on-line shopping." On-line shopping is becoming the main way for a lot of people to do their shopping. Technology is making on-line shopping as easy as possible so people do not have to leave the privacy of their own homes and, in turn, they get to spend more time with their families. The mission statement aims at markets by saying: "Wal-Mart is accomplished as a universal competitor." Wal-Mart has stores worldwide. They have conquered the international market. They are the number one retail-variety store in the world. The mission statement shows a concern for employees by saying: "We are dedicated to recruiting, rewarding, and retaining employees of good moral standing." They want their employees to know that they actually have a

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