Case Analysis: the Arctic Mining Consultants

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The symptoms of this case are 2 employees, Millar and Boyce not meeting the daily quota of lengths. The team was not able to meet the deadline set by Parker because Millar and Boyce did not meet the daily goals. Since the deadline was not met, each team member would not receive the bonus of $300. Another symptom is Millar's lack motivation towards the end of the project. The cause of the symptoms includes low daily wages, insufficient training, and inequality. Parker was not able to effectively coach Millar about how to meet his daily goal. The team's members received considerably low daily wages for the work they did, regardless of the amount of work they did or how long it took them to do it. No training was given on how to…show more content…
Parker could have attached a smaller bonus to each day depending onml the lengths completed. This could serve as an external motivator to find efficient ways to get the job done. Although all of the team members had the ability to do the job, Millar and Boyce lacked the skills to do the job efficiently. Another cause of the symptoms in this cause is the lack of direction or training. Once Parker realized Millar and Boyce where not meeting the daily goals, he could have talked with. No them, found out why the goals weren't being met, and came up with some suggestions that would help in meeting the goals. Parker was also mute when on Day 6 Millar produced 8½ lengths. This would have been a great time to boost Millar's motivation. Focusing on positive versus the negative aspects will improve individual morale and well as the organizational atmosphere. By Day 8 Millar had run out of steam. Feeling he could never meet Parker's expectations, he was demotivated. Although Millar and Boyce did not meet their daily quota, the tirades always seem to be focused towards Millar. Millar felt like regardless of how hard he tried and the amount of work he produced was meaningless, Parker remained silent on Day 6 even though Millar did 8 ½ lengths. At the end, the situational factors that had occurred during the project prevented Millar from caring whether or not he received the $300 bonus. At the beginning Millar was motivated and possessed the ability to get
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