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Coach Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K.) and Coach Robert Knight (Coach Knight) were two of the most winning and successful coaches to ever coach basketball. These men are not just known for their record wins, but for their unique leadership. They each had a unique way of leading their teams. Coach Knight was Indiana University’s head basketball coach and became a legend there. Coach K. was the head coach at Duke University since 1980. A fact of interest, both of these two men knew each other in an earlier time. Coach Knight had been Mike Krzyzewski’s basketball coach when he played for the United States Military Academy at West Point. It was there they began to build a relationship of trust and respect that would follow and remain with them…show more content…
had a slight deficit when it came to technical skills. Coach K. made the human and conceptual skills a higher priority. Coach K. was a genius in the ability of knowing his professions; this just means his technical skills took a lower priority. The capacity model by Michael Mumford contains five components. The skills that attributed to the success of Coach Knight are the individual attributes. The skills of competency, motivation and more specifically problem solving skills were the skills he possessed according to this model. He had a deficit in his social judgment skills and environmental influences that, in turn, worked well for Coach K and to his success. Coach K. often remarked on his upbringing and how this influenced the quality of his communication. Coach K. struggled with the area of motivation, especially as it relates to dominance. As stated above, Coach K. did not want to be a dictator, which simply meant domination skills where not his priority. The leadership styles of Coach Knight and Coach K. are different in a few aspects using the Blake Mouton Managerial Grid. When referring to this leadership grid, Coach Knight falls under Produce or Parish leadership. He views the players as being the means to an end. When we look at Coach K using this grid he exemplifies high production-high people style. He stresses the needs of producing and the needs of people of being an equal priority. Neither of these coaches are middle of the road as
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