Case: Anglo American Plc in South Africa (from Lesson 5) Essay

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Case: Anglo American PLC in South Africa (from Lesson 5) 1 Who are the various stakeholders that Anglo American needs to consider as it adopts an effective HIV/AIDs strategy? - Anglo American employees and their families - Government bodies - Non- Profit organizations (NGOs)/ World Health Organization (WHO) - Competitors/ Other large mining concerns or companies operating in South Africa - Pharmaceutical companies - National Union of Mine Workers - Financial Institutions - Shareholders 2 What are the pros and cons of Anglo American’s adoption of an aggressive strategy in combating HIV/AIDS among its South African workforce? What recommendations would you give the company concerning its HIV/AIDS policy? Pros: -…show more content…
What policies or courses of action would you recommend to a company that produces HIV/AIDS drugs? - The company should continue hiring migrant workers. - It will not hold a good corporate image on the company if they stop hiring migrants - Migrant workers should be made to sign the agreement to adhere to the program - The migrant workers contribute to the growth of the economy - Strong campaign and awareness of the disease should be implemented - Government should not close its doors to migrant workers as this will lead to shortage of workforce. Role of pharmaceutical companies in responding to HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa GSK has been supportive by allowing Anglo American purchase anti-retroviral drugs at a tenth of the market price. But other drug makers have not been so supportive, they put their energy into suing the South African government for what they claim to be generally poor enforcement of their patent rights. Policies or course of action for companies that produces HIV/AID DRUGS: - I would recommend that company producing HIV/ AID drugs should adopt either or a combination of the three policies listed below: Tiered Pricing Policy TRIPS Policy R&D and

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