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Case Analysis #2 BMT855DD By: Ben Ashkin Greg Mortenson: A Leader Under Fire 1 I would definitely describe Greg Mortenson as an “Authentic Leader”. In our text authentic leadership is described as a type of leadership that can be nurtured, and develops over a lifetime, can be triggered by major life events, and that a leader’s behavior is grounded in strong ethics. The definition continues on to say that there are four authentic leadership components: Self-awareness, Internalized moral perspective, meaning knows the right thing to do and is driven by ethics and fairness, balanced processing, meaning they are fair minded and open to others, and they possess relational transparency, meaning they are honest and…show more content…
However, immediately after his medical issues were dealt with, Greg chose to speak with the media and schedule a small number of public speaking engagements regardless of the advisement of his legal professionals for him not to do so. In doing this, Greg shows his true transparency and keeps those interested and those who may have doubted him in the loop. He shows true authentic leadership additionally by continuing to fight for his innocence while running still being involved the CAI. 3 Greg’s response to the allegations against him was characteristic of an authentic leader because he was sure to be transparent. He was open, honest and straightforward with himself and everyone else seeking answers. Additionally he showed internalized moral perspective by disregarding the advice of his legal advisors and chose to speak publicly about the situation, based on the fact that he was driven by his ethical beliefs and fairness, and felt that this was the right thing to do. 4 This investigation will definitely affect the authenticity of his leadership. This is due to the fact that people have the right to their own opinion and can decide whether or not they want to believe Greg, or those who are accusing him of said unethical behaviour. The good thing for for Greg is that he knows who he is and what he has and has not done and he will continue to be the authentic leader he has been. Like Greg’s colleague Andrew Marcus said,

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