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Woodmere Products Case Assignment Major Facts HomeHelp, a significant home decorating retailer, was looking for a manufacturer that would partner with them to apply time-based logistic delivery systems to provide a product in a timely fashion to their customers, but also reduce the amount of inventory the store needed to keep on hand. Woodmere, a top window fashion manufacturer that produced cellular shades, wood blinds, and fashion verticals were looking to partner with a growing retailer to grow their business due to their favorite retailer’s financial downfall. HomeHelp consisted of 400 warehouse stores over 38 states and an “industry leader with 10 percent of the $80 billion home decorating retail market.” (Bowersox, Closs, Cooper, & Bowersox, 2012) Woodmere currently uses an anticipatory business model, meaning that they anticipate what the forecast of sales are going to be and then manufacture products at that schedule and send to their distribution sights waiting for the customers to order them. Woodmere has two manufacturing facilities located in Grand Rapids Michigan and Holland Michigan, with six regional distribution centers. (Bowersox, Closs, Cooper, & Bowersox, 2012) Major Problem The major problem with the proposition for Woodmere is this proposal of switching to a time-based delivery system going to be something that financially the company can afford to put into place and then be profitable? The minor problem for Woodmere is, do they want to place

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