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* Should Rangaswami initiate internal blogs within DrKW? If so, how? How about externally facing ones? Who, if anyone, should be encouraged to set up an external blog?
They are already having internal blogs at DrKW. Goal was to diffuse news, opinions, knowledge and improving collaboration within the bank. The first blogs started in 2003, first 15 months they had 30 blogs with 100 postings a month. End of 2004 they had 331 blogs with 180 postings and over 350 comments. So there was a huge increase. Not only IT driven, also business side people blogged.

Social media is very popular nowadays. Blogs are a part of this. I think with some requirements or conditions, external blogs could work. Requirements are:
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Disadvantages: * Anyone can edit it (however it is possible to regulate user access) so confidential information may be exploited * Power issues (who is in control?), if not managed properly it is open to spam and vandalism * Accuracy and reliability of information, if not updated frequently, content may become obsolete * People who don’t have an interest in IT may not work on wikis * It is a challenge for IT to manage it, Information can become disorganized because wikis don’t have a clear structure.

* Do you think wikis will catch on at DrKW? Why or why not? If a business leader wants to encourage wiki use, what should she do? Or should she do nothing?
Yes. Advantages wikis: * Anyone can edit, a platform of communication * Saves time because you can easily share information and saves time from e-mails and meetings * You get more people involved * Use it as a learning center (internal wikipedias) * Use it to pronounce events (example training schedules) * People over the world can work on the same document * After every edit, you can go back to the previous version of the article * You don’t have to have specific software, just access to the Internet. * You can protect it with a password * No costs

* Do you think both blogs AND wikis are appropriate at DrKW? Why or why not?
I think they are both appropriate under the following conditions: *

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