Case Brief : Lomonaco V. Sands Hotel

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CASE BRIEF Lomonaco v. Sands Hotel, 614 A.2d.634 (N.J. Super. 1992) Facts: On January 19 1990, Mr. Anthony Lomonaco began a “marathon” gambling session at the Claridge Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. By the time the casino had closed at 6:00 AM the next morning Mr. Lomonaco had lost $5,000.00 in cash and had signed $45,000.00 in markers. According to Chapter 16 in the textbook (Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Law) states that a marker is a credit transaction, “in a credit transaction, the casino agrees to extend credit to the patron to enable [them] to gamble” (Cournoyer, 654). At the reopening of the casino at 10:00 AM, Mr. Lomonaco approached the pit boss and explained that he was hopping to recoup his losses; by 3:00 PM that day he had lost a total of $105,000.00. At 3:00 PM the plaintiff left the Claridge hotel and went to the Sands Hotel and Casino. He was greeted by several servers and dealers who knew him. When asked how he was doing, Mr. Lomonaco explained that he had been gambling all night and had lost $105,000.00. In less than one hour at the Sands, plaintiff had signed markers for an additional $50,000.00. The plaintiff states that during the time he was in the Claridge and the Sands he became very abusive, cursed, accused the dealers of cheating him, threw cards, smashed an ashtray and made a spectacle of himself. After losing more money at Sands he demanded that the dealer be replaced, when his request was not met he left and went across the street to
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