Case Brief : Nalwa V. Cedar Fair

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CASE BRIEF PAPER: NALWA V. CEDAR FAIR, L.P. The Court Opinion A published court opinion is the explanation of a court 's judgment on the outcome of a particular court case. A published court opinion can include a judge’s opinion when the trial court judgment is appealed to the court of appeals. The judge’s opinion typically consists of case precedents, fact analysis, applicable law and the arguments of the attorneys for the parties. The court of appeals can have as many as three to nine judges and therefore, there are frequently “dissenting opinions” (judges who disagree with the majority opinion) and “concurring opinions” (judges who agree with the majority opinion) (Hill). To locate this court opinion, I first went on the Pennsylvania State University Database web page. From there I needed to locate the link to the “Lexis Nexis Academic.” After clicking on the link to “Lexis Nexis Academic,” I clicked on “Look up a Legal Case” and located the court opinion by typing in the case abbreviations, 290 P.3d 1158, in the search by citation box. Introduction On July 5, 2005, Dr. Smiriti Nalwa took her two children to Great America amusement park. The plaintiff and her two children went on the park’s “Rue le Dodge” bumper car ride. The plaintiff and her son drove in a bumper car together. After hitting several other cars, their car was bumped from the front and then from the back. The plaintiff felt as if she needed to brace herself and placed her hand on the car’s “dashboard”

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