Essay about Case Brief- Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service

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Case Brief- Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service

Starbucks is a successful premium coffee retailer. Its target market sets as well-educated, white- color patrons between the ages of 25 and 44. There are three components of the brand, live coffee, service, and atmosphere. However, its brand image is losing while they focus on retail expansion.
SWOT analysis
Define the problem
Starbucks loses its original image for target and customer satisfaction.
Identify the alternatives and analysis 1. Global Marketing Sales Organization builds up for better marketing strategy. Pros: • Looks at big picture: It helps Starbucks has consistent brand image around the world. • Information
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In addition, these are also useful data for Starbucks to innovate new beverage. Pros: • Remaining original loyalty customer and developing new customers. • Information collection. • Customized service. • Keeping original and consistent image. Cons: • Higher barrier for new customers, for example, students, or younger customers. • Additional training for employees. 4. Using advertising stresses the image and maintains current strategy, retail expansion and product innovation. Pros: • Most efficient way to advertise Starbucks’ concept. Cons: • High cost.
Make the recommendation
Customers flee when a brand forsakes the values it has always championed. Starbucks should not lose sight of their brand heritage, which is the key to building customer relationships for the future (Cebrzynski, 2007). Since consumers do not have the same emotional bond with Starbucks that they once did, we suggest Starbucks uses alternative three, building member ship club. State the plan of action • Product: Primary coffee with customized service. • Place: Starbucks’ original relaxing atmosphere. • Promotion: Members are special customer for Starbucks. They have birthday gift such as
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