Case Case Study : Database Development

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HIM 6840 Case Studies in Health Information Management
Name: Bayo Oshunlalu
Case #: Case 5-5
Case Title: Database Development.
Screen 1. Emergency Department Chief Compliant Data Entry Screen.
1. What is the purpose for the screen?
The chief complaint screen will allow clinicians to enter patient’s reasons for visiting the emergency department. The chief complaint data entry screen will be used to obtain and record information from patients such as symptoms, duration of symptoms, and what major problem they are experiencing as a result of symptoms. The chief complaint data entry screen does not deals with obtaining information about chronic illness or history of family disease. Rather, the data entry screen will enable clinicians to prioritized treatment intervention based on severity of patient’s condition. Furthermore, the data capture in the chief complaint entry screen can be applied to facilitate clinical research, clinicians training, and perform quality check. The data elements in the chief complaint data entry screen will include:
A drop down box that will display a list of data element that include (Chief complaint, Reason for visit to the ED, onset of symptoms, duration of symptoms, location of symptoms, home remedies attempt to relieve symptoms, patients age, sex, and race/ethnicity). Each data element will prompt a new dialog box where free text information pertaining to each data element can be imputed.
2. Why is each data element important to this screen?

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