Case Case Study : Mattel Toy Recall

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Case Study 2 – Mattel 1. Do you believe that Mattel acted in a socially responsible and ethical manner with regard to the safety of its toys? Why or Why not? What should or could Mattel have done differently, if anything? As the makers of children’s toys, Mattel has the ultimate responsibility to ensure that every toy is made within the tightest of safety standards. With the case of the Mattel toy recall, the company acted within the spectrum of their code of conduct that was titled Global Manufacturing Principles. Once the problem was identified, Mattel quickly addressed the issue, by automatically issuing the product recall and conducted a special investigation. The findings from the investigation led to other issues being found in Mattel toys. Once again, Mattel quickly responded with more product recalls, and a deeper investigation into the reasoning behind the faults. Through these actions Mattel did act in a socially responsible and ethical manner. The only thing that Mattel could have done differently was to have a quality inspector at every level of production and shipping. Although more costly, it could have prevented from these products from reaching the retailers’ shelves. Another thing process that Mattel could have done to ensure that the problem would have not happen is to have a tighter control over the companies that it contracts with to supply the components and materials used in their manufacturing process. If they had tighter control over them, they
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