Case Case Study : Settling Product Liability Through Mediation

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When should a case go to mediation? Settling product liability through mediation Alternative Dispute Resolution: What are the alternatives ? Mediation of Employment Disputes Note: Use the following keywords for the topics above: Mediation in Little Rock, AR Product liability mediation in Little Rock, AR Alternative Dispute Resolution in Little Rock, AR Employment dispute mediation in Little Rock, AR 250 words When Should a Case Go to Mediation in Little Rock, Arkansas? Mediation in Little Rock, Arkansas is an excellent resource for those who wish to save money and time while resolving their dispute. During mediation, a third party neutral, called a mediator, assists the parties as they negotiate and communicate how they would like…show more content…
These cases often become complex in nature and take years to resolve. Rather than wait on a resolution from the court system, many parties have turned to product liability mediation in Little Rock, Arkansas to finalize these claims much sooner. Product liability mediation in Little Rock, Arkansas offers several benefits to the parties that the courts cannot offer. The cost of product liability mediation is typically a fraction of what a court case costs. Both parties, whether individuals or multimillion-dollar corporations, appreciate the chance to reduce legal costs as they try to finalize the case. Products liability cases may easily cost the parties tens of thousands of dollars, as the cost of expert witnesses, scientific studies, and obtaining evidence quickly adds up. Mediation also provides a guarantee of privacy. Mediation is a private event, as opposed to the public nature of a trial. Discussions at mediation remain confidential. In fact, one party may tell the mediator a certain fact with the understanding that the mediator will not disclose it to the opposing party. In court, however, all statements become public record, and may be used against the party that provided them at a later time. Finally, the parties are able to be creative with the resolution to their case, whereas trial judges may be limited in their rulings. In mediation, the parties tailor their

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