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Case 2: Yammer Case Study: Introduction: Tribridge is one of the growing IT services company in USA. The company wanted to make their employees to feel more engaged and connected together. Tribridge decided to integrate “Yammer”, an enterprise social network application to their system so that their employees feel more connected. We will see how the company implemented Yammer into its system and how it backfired. Tribridge: Tribridge was founded in 1998 by a group of three friends who wanted to create a revolution in IT Industry. By 2015, the company had grown enormously and there were totally 600 employees with a turnover of around $127 million per year. The company target customers were mid and low level enterprises. They were…show more content…
This website allowed school students to connect among themselves but was later shut down due to improper maintenance. In 2002, was created and was an instant hit among the teens as it offered very unique features. The company was growing at a rapid pace and it became difficult for them to maintain their servers and hence turned out to be failure. In 2004, Facebook was founded which later became the king of social networks. After the rise of Facebook, social media became a platform for the people to discuss about social and cultural issues. Yammer: Yammer was founded by David Sacks and Adam Pisoni in 2008.It was touted as “Facebook for business” due to its unique features and the company was later acquired by Microsoft in a $1.2 billion dollar deal. In July 2014, Microsoft integrated Yammer into its office 365 application. Yammer provided unique design and features which was very easy to use. In Yammer, user can create their own profile and connect with their friends. Users can also create groups and the user who created the group will be provided with administrator rights. Once Microsoft acquired Yammer, it was easy to integrate yammer into share point (a document repository of Microsoft) and thus it became a more popular option among the companies. Why Yammer? Tribridge already had email, Instant messenger, Share point where people can connect and discuss their issues. Chris
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