Case: Colgate Max Fresh: Global Brand Roll-Out (Pcr)

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Marshall School of Business
University of Southern California


Spring, 2011

Faculty: Dennis A. Schorr, Ph.D. Office: ACC 226 Phone: 740-5041 E-mail: Office Hours: Mon. 3:30-5:30 P.M. or by appointment

Course Objectives:

In general, this course provides you with the opportunity to learn how to apply course material regarding the design and implementation of marketing strategies to various business situations, in particular, a simulated, multi-period competitive market environment that provides regular feedback about the success of the strategies employed. More specifically, the learning objectives for this course are to:
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Finally, preparation would include notes that can be used to guide your participation in class discussion on the assigned or other issues judged to be critical to the company’s or industry’s apparent dilemma.

Course Evaluation and Assignments:

10% Class Participation 30% Final Exam 30% Analytic Exercises 15% Markstrat Firm Performance 15% Markstrat Final Report and Presentation

As an important part of the learning in this course comes from class discussions of cases and readings, you are expected to participate actively in class sessions. The level of class discussions and how much you gain from them depend in large part on how well prepared you are for each class and how actively you take part in the discussions. Thus, your level of preparation for class sessions and participation in discussions will be factored into the final evaluation. I realize that it might not be possible to attend every class. You can miss two or three class session without it affecting your grade; however, if you miss more than that, it could have an impact on your participation grade.

The final exam will test your individual mastery of concepts, frameworks, and analytical tools discussed in class.

You will complete a set of three analytic exercises during the course of the term. These analytic exercises give you hands-on experience using some of the important analytic tools we will be

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