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University College Cork Review Case commentary provided on: Do Something-He’s About to Snap by Eileen Roche Big Shoes to Fill by Michael Beer Bob’s Meltdown by Nicholas G. Carr We Googled You by Diane Coutu When Steve Becomes Stephanie by Loren Gary and Brian Elliot Moonlighter by Bronwyn Fryer Micromanager by Bronwyn Fryer All the Wrong Moves by David A. Garvin Riding the Celtic Tiger by Eileen Roche The Best of Intentions by John Humphreys Steve Carmody Human Resource Management and Development MG3018 109554416 Recurring Theme The recurring theme throughout these cases is the lack of communication and the harmful effects that it inflicts. Good communication is essential for both managerial…show more content…
Secondly it may cause severe personnel problems for Max who already lacks confidence in himself and in his colleagues. Again I find myself in strong agreement with Person’s and Porath’s view on Max, their idea of enrolling Max in training programs is especially appealing. I think this would benefit greatly to his confidence which I think is the real underlying issue and has a direct effect on his behaviour. He feels he cannot trust anyone and so acts in a hostile way always keeping to himself and never bothering to appear refined or interested in his colleagues’ opinions. Furthermore it is essential to address employees like Nicole. Her rumours and constant gossip have become a hindrance to employee performance, Tabor should organise a meeting to tackle these issues. The meeting should also address Paige, George and Sam’s concerns regarding Max’s behaviour. In addition she should issue a warning to Nicole in relation to her inclination to exaggerate, for example, when it appears Paige and the others become concerned she does nothing to console their fear, instead she confirms it by adding “I’m not so crazy after all, am I? I’m telling you, Max is on the edge. And I don’t want to end up another statistic.” This type of behaviour has to stop or Lynn Tabor will eventually face a serious problem. Lynn
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