Case Conceptualization

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Individualistic Conceptualization The client’s current symptomology of significant depressed mood, difficulties sleeping, and fatigue, mostly likely a result of a depressive disorder, which would account for these symptoms as clinical criteria. However, more information is required in order to give a proper diagnosis. The client’s depressed mood is maintained by his cognitive distortions, negative self-schema, and maladaptive coping mechanisms which aversively impacts his mood, sense of self, behavior, and physical state. The client also possesses cognitive distortions characterized by personalization. As evidenced by the client’s misattributing and internalizing negative stereotypes associated with his cultural background to his sense of…show more content…
His ability to develop deep romantic relationships are greatly hindered by the client active engagement in maladaptive coping mechanisms. The client demonstrates behavioral patterns of emotional withdrawal from reality, by distancing self from the world around him. The client reported a history of trauma and negative family dynamics. Specifically, a family history of substance abuse and incarcerations. In childhood, the client disclosed a relative died by suicide and subsequently, his parents’ obtained a divorce. With regards to his uncle’s suicide, the client stated, “That one event haunts me because its secondhand effects altered my life.” It could very well be the case that the client internalized this traumatic experience, as well as the negative family dynamics, and experiences of thwart belonging among peer groups which manifest into the conscious mistrust of others and unconscious fear of intimacy. In effort to protect himself from others, the client engages in dysfunctional coping patterns. As evidenced by the clients statement, “I survived by detaching myself emotionally.” This resulted in the client’s negative and dysfunctional capacity to manage his emotional experiences. The client’s maladaptive coping style, tendency towards emotional withdrawal and retreating into oneself, directly interferes with the client’s ability forming deep romantic
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