Case Conceptualization Of David Presents

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Case Conceptualization David presents himself as a wayward lost soul caught in a shaky tower. Growing up, David never truly had a childhood. His parents argued to the point of physical fights, his dad would ridicule and beat him in drunken rage, and for the most part this was how life was. David lived in fear waking up the next morning to the next challenge or emotional trigger. Little did David know, the triggers of his dad yelling down the hall activated more than just a startle response and negative thoughts of worthlessness and feeling unloved and unwanted leading to “toughening up” while he was hit (Beck & Beck, 2011). David unfortunately learned his core beliefs at an early age. He walked in, after playing with friends, to see his only father dead on the floor. In that moment, David learned that life wasn’t fair, he was powerless, and most of all, he was not safe (Beck & Beck, 2011). Later down the road, the client realized the guilt and shame he had tucked inside him. The client realized that days before his father’s passing, he shouted “I wish you were dead.” According to the client, those were the last words he ever spoke to his father. Other core beliefs began to form and strengthen as he grew older, David’s attitude was to push forward through these obstacles as best as he could and these obstacles led him to anger and hurting others when they hurt him. A pattern of fighting, law breaking, and giving up followed him through much of his pre-teen years. By this…
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