Case Conceptualization Essay examples

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Identifying Information

Giuseppe is a 14-year-10 month-old, Latino male in the 8th grade referred for counseling through AB3632 from Hollywood Senior high School under the Los Angeles Unified School District. Giuseppe’s school counselor indicates Giuseppe has difficulty controlling his anger towards peers. She also shares that Giuseppe fights with his peers leading to a suspension from school for three days due to fighting. Giuseppe’s mother reports that at home he is very oppositional especially with his father. Giuseppe’s mother has made multiple threats to call the police and have him spend time at Juvenile Hall if the behaviors persist. The counselor and mother, both report that Giuseppe has an attitude problem and frequently
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He believes he is the healthiest member of his family. According to Giuseppe, there have not been any hospitalizations and is not allergic to any medication. Giuseppe also displays some signs of hyperactivity, such as fidgeting, talking excessively, and schoolteachers’ report restlessness. Additionally, Giuseppe displays some problems with memory skills for difficulty paying attention; he is easily distracted and has disorganized work habits.
Psychosocial History Giuseppe reports attending Le Conte Junior High School in Los Angeles prior to the eight grades, where he had received low grades, mainly Fs. He shares that he was held back a grade in elementary, but he does not remember which grade. He also states he had gotten into many fights while at Le Conte. According to Giuseppe, because of his fights and poor grades, the family moved, and Giuseppe began attending Hollywood Senior High School. Giuseppe currently is receiving A's and B's in most of his classes. He also admits tot eh school reports regarding fighting. Giuseppe indicates he has a group of friends at school, and there is never any variation from that group. The group hangs out throughout school functions and activities. He also shares he is closer to another boy because they do things outside of school. Giuseppe says he does not tell his friends any personal information. Giuseppe admits to arguing frequently with his father. He indicates he thinks his father likes his younger
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