Case Conceptualization : Personal Data

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Case Conceptualization
Personal Data My clients name is Mallory. She is a nineteen-year-old, Caucasian female attending Indiana State University as a freshman with an undeclared major. My client currently works as a support services specialist at the Indiana Air National Guard in Terre Haute and is a hostess at Chili’s. She currently lives by Ivy Tech with her grandparents, mother, and younger brother. The client has “no connections” with her biological father and appeared apprehensive when mentioning him. Her stepfather is now remarried and Mallory has limited contact with him. She mentioned that his mother, her grandmother, is very close to Mallory. The client appeared to be nervous and shy initially in the first session. As we continued the session and worked into the following session, the client was more open about her life and career aspirations. My impression of the client is that she is a rather intelligent, caring, and ambitious individual. She disclosed that she has Dyslexia but she has ambition and drive to get tasks accomplished. Mallory has an age appropriate level of functioning and is very “persistent” and a detailed organizer. She mentioned other strengths such as being able to talk to people and always being on task. The only current presenting problem my client faces is a fear of committing to a major. The presenting problem has ties to Generalized Anxiety Disorder. She mentioned that she is afraid of choosing the wrong major and then having to extend
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