Case E - Kerrie's Challenge: Leading an Unpopular Change

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Kerrie Peterson works for a Fortune 500 company named Access. She is currently a General Manager (GM), over the corporate leading business unit. Each GM was asked to cut back their operating cost and Kerrie agreed to set her goal to 15 percent, during a quarterly financial review planning session. She was confident about meeting the 15 percent goal, but the challenge was getting her senior manager on board with the ideal. Kerrie called a meeting for her senior management team, to inform them of the changes. Kerrie stressed the fact that by their department being the largest department they must join this effort, in order to meet the goal for the greater good of the company, (Lester & Parnell, 2007, Case E). As general manager, Kerrie…show more content…
Finally, initiative, Kerrie wanted her team and other personnel to show interest in what they do for the department because this will effect (Lester & Parnell, 2007). In order for the corporate lending unit to meet the goal of cutting 15 percent of the operating cost, a redesign team comprised of volunteers from the different departments of the unit. The purpose of this redesign team was to develop a design for the account management team that will streamline the departments function when it comes to serving its customers. This design will allow more resources to be readily available to customers through the Internet. Also, this team will be addressing reorganizing and designing new roles for the AMs to work more efficiently when it comes to addressing the needs of the customers. The development of this team is considered more of transformational leadership, where the GM pushed the senior management team to encourage their employees to volunteer and have a say in the mission to meet the goals of the unit. Once the team started, they came across advantages and disadvantages for this plan. The concerns that the redesign team had were the impact that it would have on the employees. Another concern was the fact that a member from Finance was not apart of the team. By the fact that their talking about cutting back and it deals with money they need that representation to help explain certain financial questions. They also felt awkward

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