Case Ethics And Personal Ethics

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Attorney Ethics
Amberjean M. Gallagher
St. Leo University
January 28, 2016

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Amberjean Marie Gallagher, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Court appointed attorneys constantly face ethical and moral conflicts in their position of authority The toughest calls could be considered those that challenge professional ethics and personal ethics. When attorneys accept to the duty to represent a client, they have an ethical duty to protect confidential information obtained through attorney-client meetings. However, how do attorneys respond when an accused murderer admits to a crime that has previously been committed and is currently being investigated? Can an attorney break the attorney-client privilege bind or should they continue to represent a client they know is guilty? Can justice, if at all possible, be discovered from either ethical dilemma? This paper will not only answer these questions but it will also discuss the legality of client confidentiality. The 1973 “Buried Bodies” case will be used to explain and analyze the legal bind attorneys must uphold as well as how ethics, both
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