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INTRODUCTION Jennifer Sobieski, an analyst within the headquarters of working computers, has been asked to judge whether or not or not operating ought to sell a division of the firm that has been losing market share and needs a good deal of recent investment to stay competitive. The ailing product could be a personal data appliance, or PDA, that when led the market in options and innovation, solely to fall prey to competition from varied companies once it had paved the means for product category. Complicating Jennifer's analysis and recommendation are many political problems involving the disobedient division. Especially, Working's recently returned CEO, Stewart working man, has determined that the product (the Bernoulli device) is a…show more content…
|74,250 x 24% |50,490 x 24% |28,215 x 24% |23,760 x 24% |23,760 x 24% |23,760 x 24% | | |=17,820 |=12,117.6 |=6771.6 |=5,702.4 |=5,702.4 |=5,702.4 | The annual cost projections for Bernoulli with $18M for the year 12/31/2004 is the cost of good sold(COGS) multiply with the original cost of goods sold proportion, 60% and for the rest, afterwards the year of 12/31/2005 until 12/31/2009 is where values of

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