Case: Governance and Sustainability at Nike

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POM 642/ 442 Case: Governance and Sustainability at Nike This case was about the struggles with sustainability with in Nike as well as the fashion industry. Greenpeace came out and slandered Nike, Adidas, Puma, and several other fashion designers for pollution resulting in the manufacturing process of their products. There are several chemicals used in the process of manufacturing clothing and shoes. Several chemicals are also used in the Dying process. Although these facility are 3rd parties and these locations are not used by Nike it has fallen on them along with their competitors to reduce pollution with in the manufacturing process. At Nike the key decision makers are Hannah Jones and Eric Sprunk who have to present their findings…show more content…
This is dangerous for all of those to live and travel to these communities. Nike along with the other companies have a corporate responsibility that their manufacturing process is safe and not hazardous to unsuspecting citizens. Failure to make a change could harm people and ultimately result in massive lawsuits and large amounts of negative publicity which could reduce Nike and others profitability also affecting the stock holders. As a manager I would look to set up a partnership with the other manufacturers, pose it as a greater good for the world, companies can unite to bring about great change. I would want to work with these other companies, find out what they have come up with and work together to reach zero waste. Puma has agreed to the same goal, if they have not changed what they told Greenpeace they must be doing something right. Working together would reduce the duplication of efforts, it would help make the investment dollars go further and help make the world a clean place. As a manager I would also seek to work with Greenpeace, having them as a partner would help to provide new ideas and help to show the effort being put forth to reach this goal. Working with Greenpeace can only help in this situation. I would want to make every effort to try and reach that goal before going to Greenpeace stating that this goal was too ambitious because that would result in worldwide protests giving more negative publicity to the
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