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Introduction Herman Miller is an American company that was founded in 1905 in Zeeland, Michigan as the Star Furniture Co. They are the major American company of office furniture and equipment. In 1919 Dirk Jan De Pree became the president of the company and renamed the company The Michigan Star Furniture Co. Then Dirk and his father Herman Miller buy 51% of the company in 1923 and renamed Herman Miller Furniture Company, and in 1960 became Herman Miller Inc. They started selling quality furniture, bedrooms and other things made of wood but in 1930 because of the Great depression they started to look for other market and products so the company could survive this economic situation that affect all the US. Because of this they started…show more content…
But in the long term the distribution channels would be clear and without interferences again. Also it would be possible to have a clear marketing direction and therefore planning is possible again in the future without interferences of the different distributors with each others. That would practicably mean that Vreni should decide to get out of the contract of Asal Products, Inc. even when there would be legal problems. Moreover, the business relationships to this company could be worsened in the long run. Another alternative should be to create a plant in Europe so now they don’t have top ay all the taxes they have to pay so they can export their products, in that way they will be able to give better prices to their clients, and they will supposed to have a better service and more quality because they where the pioneers in those products. The last alternative could be to create a better marketing about their products, to compare their brand with the competition so the market can understand that the differences between prices is because of the good quality, the brand name, the knowledge, and that they are the only ones, the expert ones on those kind of products. Finally we think that a great alternative also could be to open a new market, for example if the competitors are taking some of the market that they used to have when they

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