Case Incident 1: Moving from Colleague to Supervisor

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HUB 1033 OB CASES STUDY WRITE-UP GUIDELINES. The cases are done individually. Following are the guidelines: Your name and Metric number must be clearly typed on the COVER PAGE. The cases study answers should be neatly typed, using Times New Roman, size 12; Spacing 1.5 and justified. Please check for spelling and grammatical errors. Hard copy of the assignment must be submitted to me on the due date as indicated. The grades assigned will be based on content, effort, creativity and ORIGINALITY. I shall remind you that late submission will be awarded with ZERO mark. In the case of sickness (must produce medical certificate or in special circumstances), I may grant an appropriate extension for the cases write-up…show more content…
The written case analysis was due next week. All the others had done their designated sections, but Mike had just handed in some rough had written notes. He had called Christine the week before, telling her that in addition to his course and his job, he was having problems with his girlfriend. Christine empathized with him. Yet, this was a group project! Besides, the final mark would be peer evaluated. This meant that whatever mark Sandra gave them could be lowered or raised, depending on the group’s opinion about the value of the contribution of each member. She was definitely worried. She knew that Mike had creative ideas that could help raise the overall mark. She was also concerned for him. As she listened to the music in the background, she wondered what she should do. Source: Case 9 OB Skill Workbook, Organizational Behavior, Shermehorn and Osborn, John Wiley & sons, 12th edition, 2003, W-46. Questions and Answers scheme 1. How could and understanding of the stages of group development assist Christine in leadership situations such as this one? 2. What should Christine understand about individual membership in group in order to build group process that supportive of her workgroup’s performance? 3. Is Christine an effective group leader in this case? Why or why not. Case Study 2(Related to Chapter 7: Organization and
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