Case Incident 2 Bullying Bosses

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BULLYING BOSSES I. Case Background
After a long weekend, Kara stared at her computer with a sick feeling in her stomach: Her boss had added her as a friend on Facebook. Kara did not feel particularly close to her boss, nor did she like the idea of mixing her social life with her work. Still, it was her boss as a Facebook friend. Little did she know her troubles were only beginning.
Kara’s boss soon began using her online information to manipulate her work life. It began with inappropriate innuendos regarding Facebook photos. Eventually, Kara’s boss manipulate her work hours, confronted her both on and off Facebook, and repeatedly called Kara’s cell phone questioning her whereabouts. “ My boss was a gosipping, domineering, contriving
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Workplace bullying can also affect one’s self efficacy. An employee with low self efficacy, when bullied, can experience a decline in their already low self efficacy which may decrease his/her need for achievement, need for power, and need for affiliation based on McClelland’s theory of needs. There are not too many people, which if they are being bullied would want to achieve a new position, attain power, or even want to belong to such a company where other employee’s are bullies.
3. If I were a victim of workplace bullying, I would first approach my bully and inform him/her of the inappropriate behavior. If the behavior continued and the bully was not management, then I would go to management and let them know there is a problem. If the bully was a part of management, I would seek help from the special groups in most companies that are dedicated to unfair behavior within the company. If the company had no such group, I would do the opposite of what the bully expects my reaction to be. I think going to the special group would be effective, but if there is no such group then going to management would be the next best thing. Retaliation and confrontation would not be effective strategies. There would be nothing worse than having workplace bullying turn into workplace violence. I would help a colleague who is or was victims of an abusive supervisor seek the necessary help in the most effective manner.

4. Insecurity, lack of

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