Case IncidentA Virtual Team At

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Case IncidentA Virtual Team at T.A.Stearns Question 1 Why is this group a team? Answer 1 This group can be easily seen as a team in which there is a formal group of four people who have pre-defined roles to perform. The group members here are part of a virtual team which means they can operate from anywhere they wish to, that is , they just have to check once a day through e-mails, messages and group conferencing software’s .Here are the reasons why this group is a team : 1. The team has shared leadership roles. All the four members of the team have full independence to work from anywhere and has a say in the decisions made by the team. 2. Team has individual and mutual accountability 3. The team has specific purpose the soul…show more content…
He found out that the production time had gone down a bit, while quality had shot up . He found proofs to his doubt in emails of Marge to Cy. He hinted it to Tom but he would not tell the truth. Finally things began to go out of control as Cy boasted his trick to a member of another virtual team and Dave took Cy out to a lunch. At the lunch Cy revealed about the innovation and that the team’s action had been justified to protect itself. Groupthink - A dysfunction of highly cohesive groups and teams that has received a lot of attention hasbeen referred to as groupthink. In groupthink there is a deterioration of mental efficiency,reality testing, and moral judgement that results from in-group pressure. It results from thepressures on individual members to conform and reach consensus that there is no realisticappraisal of alternative courses of action in a decision, and deviant, minority, or unpopoularviews are suppressed. Following are the characteristics of groupthink are manifested in thework team– There is theillusion of invulnerability –There is excessive optimism and risk taking. As wecan see here there is excessive optimism and risk taking behaviour shown by the team asthey kept the innovation to themselves having optimism regarding that the management won’t easily find out about it. Also the risk taking behaviour can be seen when they ignore the company policy for
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